Import/Export favorites from Internet Explorer

No matter what browser, I abuse my favorites folder as a pile for every link I find somewhat interesting. Turns out I’m also incapable of dumping all these links switching to a new machine. To import or export your stuff from IE9 complete the following steps…

  1. Open your Internet Explorer.
  2. Click the Favorites button, then click the arrow next to Add to favorites and choose Import/Export.
  3. Select import from file or export to file.
  4. Select what data you want to import/export (Feeds, Cookies, Favorites).
  5. When exporting favorites, select the specific favorites folder you want to export.
  6. Define the folder in which to export your favorites or the import file.
  7. By default, IE9 creates a file “bookmark.htm” when exporting.
  8. Click the button Import / Export.

From my experience, it is possible to import data from older versions of Internet Explorer.