Cancel “Sending email” in Outlook:mac 2011

After Outlook:mac 2011 update 14.2.0 the email outbox disappeared from the main Outlook UI. Instead, a progress bar is shown on the bottom right where you can monitor the status of transmitting emails. In contrast to Microsoft Windows versions of Outlook, one cannot right click on the small progress bar in order to cancel the sending.

If you, however, need to cancel the transmitting of a mail, use the following manual:

  1. In the menu, click Window > Progress
  2. An extra progress list window opens
  3. Remove/cancel the designated progress
  4. The missing Outbox is now shown on the mailbox bar
  5. Open the Outbox and select your mails as desired
  6. Delete the selected emails

This approach is especially helpful if emails with large attachments are not sent properly.

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